Life Do-Overs
About Us

We are here for you, the person who may not have discovered your destination in life yet.  Humans are extraordinary creatures who were designed to live on purpose to fullfil a destiny and a plan that must be discovered in relationship.  

Sometimes ordinary people like you and I need a little help discovering the answers to our deepest questions.  Your life has a purpose and design that goes far beyond what you may realize.  We want to help you find your way through the struggles of life in a way that you will be able to see things turn around.  There is a reason that you are here and we want to help you find that reason.

If you are looking to start over in any area of your life we can help you begin to get a handle on that.  You just might be surprised what a real fresh start in life can do for you.  There is freedom in truth.

We are a non profit organization developed in affiliation with Victory Harvest Church of Baton Rouge, LA.

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